How I created $2.4 Million in equity in just 15 months, without developing, subdividing or selling,


PLUS skyrocketed the income from$34,000 to over $143,962 pa – all with one single property!​

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Some of what you'll discover on this webinar.

  • It's all about lifestyle

    You'll learn why most investing is aimed at having money for when you're old, but this method of investing is about creating the lifestyle you want now. Commercial property is the one investing style that can provide you the opportunity to live  by your own design (whatever that perfect life looks like to you)

  • The Expanding Gap (This puts more in your pocket)

    You'll discover how to get your tenants to pay all the bills, including rates and land tax, how to get them to keep your property in good order at their own expense and how to have them stay for years at a time (I've got some tenants that have stayed for over 23 years!)

  • The Hidden Growth Factor

    The common myth is that commercial property doesn't have the same capital growth of residential - but whoever you heard that from is just doing it wrong! Commercial and residential are very different beasts (as you will see) and I'll show you how, when you choose the right property there is scope for manufacturing massive growth without ever needing to wait for the market to move.


  • If you don't want to wait till you're really old before you get your wealth
  • If you are willing to take action now to create value
  • If you desperately want to be living a better lifestyle now with your loved ones
  • If you understand the value of creating a portfolio that could become your main source of cash flow


Then this webinar is for you...

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James Dawson has been a professional commercial property investor now for over 40 years. He has helped hundreds of investors boost the cashflow from their portfolios through commercial investing.

He retired in his 30's to Byron Bay so he could go surfing every morning (and still does this every day) and lives on the rents he collects from his portfolio.

He's a strong advocate of investing for lifestyle now, rather than waiting for some future date to start living - which might never come.



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