The EXACT Strategy You Can Use In Your Real Estate Portfolio To Create


...Beat Average Market Growth and Boost Your Portfolio's Rental Returns By A Wide Margin

  • Once-upon-a-time you had to choose - Growth or Cashflow but using this one strategy I've been buying properties that produce both positive cashflow and have big growth opportunties

  • When I say positive cashflow I'm not talking a few bucks - actually the properties I buy usually produce 100% more cashflow than the average investment property (usually even more than that - I'll show you on this webinar...)

  • The Market Moves Both Up and Down -¬† but I hated being at the mercy of the market, so now I buy properties where I can manufacture growth and force value on the property, usually beating the market by a country mile.

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 On this 1 hour training I'll reveal:

  1. How to find the exact kinds of property that I look for to create the best cashflow and why it's not smart to just buy anything with a good yield
  2. The 3 best pieces of property investment advice I live by to seriously boost annual cashflow - no one talks about this!
  3. The critical investment growth trigger to look for on every property in order to outperform market growth and skyrocket equity
  4. The best property investment advice I can give you (with my 40+ years of experience) to stop waiting for retirement and start living a cash and time rich life now.
  5. 3 ways to manufacture growth in your property so that you can refinance, extract the equity and invest again.

       ...And much, much more...


Meet James...

Ex Real Estate Agent, Self-Made Multi Millionaire Full Time Property Investor, Cash-flow Lifestyle Advocate, Keen Surfer, World Traveler, Cashflow Real Estate Investment Coach

  • Incredible Experience Level

    With over 40+ years of successful property investment under his belt, James is the best person in the country to help boost your portfolio and cashflow

  • Living The Dream

    James quit the rat race in his 30's to invest full time, surf every day, and live a relaxed lifestyle in Byron Bay on the cashflow from his portfolio

  • Passionate Supporter

    He's helped over 1200 people refine and develop their portfolios and create cashflow from Australian investment properties

    *By registering for this webinar you'll also be subscribed to our property investing success 

    email newsletter which goes out once or twice a week. It's awesome!

    ...and of course you can unsubscribe anytime with one click.

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